Billing Testing 2B
What is Required Every Time?
    • A Clear, Signed Original Delivery Receipt. Normally this is the Pink copy of the form that you received when you were assigned the load. The Delivery Receipt must also clearly identify the load with Shipper, Consignee, Quantities, Addresses, Unit  and Load Numbers.  You cannot have too much information on a Delivery Receipt. Sometimes this is faxed to you if you are not working out of a Local Agency Office.  If not you have blank forms that were sent to you that should be filled out with all of the appropriate information. The Delivery Receipt must be signed and dated by the Receiver when you deliver a load.  If you have more than one stop, Each of the Receivers must sign and date the delivery receipt for the portion of your load that they got. Make sure this is signed and dated properly.
    • Shipping Order and Original Bill of Lading. This is your copy of all of the information telling you about the load that you are to handle. Some of this information will be duplicated on the Delivery Receipt. If you receive a bill of lading it will come from the Shipper who gave you the load.  If you are hauling Containers,  the Shipping Order comes from your Home Agent. 
  • Fuel and Mileage Report.  Normally this is the Blue copy of the multi part form that includes the Delivery Receipt.  This report should have beginning and ending odometer readings for Each Trip.  Dead Head Miles should be listed for each state where they occurred. Include a record of each state you traveled through, the number of miles and a listing of all of the fuel that you purchased with receipts and where.
  • Copies of all permits.  Include and receipts for the cost if you had to pay for these Permits.
  • TIR's for Containers.  TIR's are the receipts that you receive when you pick-up and drop off a container.  Before you sign an outgate TIR you must inspect the Container and Chassis for condition.  Anything that is wrong with  either the Container or Chassis when it is returned and not noted on the Outgate TIR will be charged to us.  We will have to pay. This includes Tires as well as General interior and exterior condition.

For Brokered Loads:  Brokered Loads have additional                requirements. 

  • Brokered Loads require signed copies of the rate Confirmation Sheet. The dispatcher who assigned the load to you will have this. Ask for a copy.
  •  Any special Delivery Receipt Requirements must be included and they must be signed by the receiver. If in doubt about a piece of paperwork include it , this may save both you and us precious time and get you paid sooner.


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