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How are Deductions Handled?

There are two types of Deductions, one time deductions and recurring deductions.

One Time Load Deductions could include advances that you got, deductions for fuel or other expenses that were not supported by a receipt, or special deductions that should only happen one time.  All of the advances are tied to a load and under normal circumstances you will only be charged for advances for loads that are being settled. 

Recurring Deductions generally occur on every check.  Examples of this would be Liability/Cargo Insurance, Bobtail/Deadhead Insurance and other similar items.   Escrow deduction is at the rate of $30.00 per week.

Remember with Escrow the deduction will occur only until the balance reaches a preset amount, usually $750.00, at which  point the deduction stops.  If the balance drops down below $750.00 the deduction will begin with the next settlement to bring the Escrow back up to $750.00

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