Safety and Accident 1B
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What if I have an Accident in my Truck?

n Case of an Accident while you are with your truck, the procedures  are extremely important to follow as any mistake can result in greater Liability than would ordinarily be present.

  1. Immediately, call the Monroe Safety Department, regardless of the severity of the incident.
  2. During Normal Hours  ( M-F  8:30 AM to 5:30 PM) Call 1-800-444-4168)
  3. After Normal Hours, Saturday and Sunday Call the safety Beeper at 1-888-650-6134, Enter your contact telephone number with the keypad on your telephone
  4. Call the Police Department that has jurisdiction  the Area where the incident took place.
  5. Federal Regulations require that you take a Breath Alcohol test within two hours of the incident under certain circumstances.
  6. You must also receive a Drug Screen as soon as it can be arranged.
  7. All of the above needs to be documented for future reference.
  8. Go to the Accident Packet that is kept in your truck.  The packet contains a camera as well as other materials.
  9. Try to get Names and addresses and telephone numbers of all of the parties involved
  10. Secure License numbers, makes and models of all vehicles.
  11. Try to get names and address and telephone numbers of any witnesses.
  12. Unless absolutely necessary the vehicles involved should not be moved until the Police arrive.
  13. When the investigating officer arrives, try to get the name, badge number, station address and telephone number.
  14. Always to be courteous and considerate of others.                 

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