Log Question #2

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A correctly filled out Log has the following Items Completed:

(1) Month Day & Year
(2)Miles Driven Today, Tractor #, & Driver Number.

(3) Name of Carrier                                                                              (4)Sign your Full Name
(5)Enter Home Terminal
(6)Enter All Pro Numbers as indicated, top right, third line.

(8)Enter City & State for Each Change of Duty Status in the Remarks Section , No Abbreviations for City           

 (9)Enter your pre-trip Inspection in the Remarks Section
(10)Enter a DOT check, Accident, etc. in Remarks Section
(11) Enter total hours for each
Duty Status in proper Space
(12)Enter Origination City & State in the Remarks Section
(13) Enter Destination City and State in the Remarks Section

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