Correctly Completed Log
A correctly filled out Log has the following Items Completed    (1) Month Day & Year
(2)Miles Driven Today, Tractor #, & Driver Number.

(3) Name of Carrier
(4)Enter Home Terminal
(5)Enter All Pro Numbers as indicated, top right, third line.

(6)Enter City & State for Each Change of Duty Status in the Remarks Section , No Abbreviations for City             (7)Sign your Full Name
(8)Enter your pre-trip Inspection in the Remarks Section
(9)Enter a DOT check, Accident, etc. in Remarks Section
(10) Enter total hours for each
Duty Status in proper Space
(11)Enter Origination City & Statein the Remarks Section
(12) Enter Destination City and State in the Remarks Section

(13) Complete the Daily Inspection Vehicle Form on the Back of the Log and Sign. Your signature is a legal statement that there are or are not any safety issues with your vehicle.  Once you indicate that there are safety issues, the condition(s) must be corrected prior to operation of the vehicle and both you and a mechanic must sign in the spaces provided.    



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Note Darkness of Logs and straightness of Lines