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How do I use my Comdata Cash Card?
There are Three ways to use The Cash Card:
  1. Locate a Truck Stop with a Comdata Scanner. You may have to ask the Clerk if they have a Comdata Scanner.  Flying J Truckstops do not accept Comchecks. Tell the Clerk that you are using a Comdata Cash Card, and how much money you would like to receive.  The clerk will scan the card and verify any necessary information.  A Receipt will be printed by the Truckstop Terminal detailing your purchases and any cash received.  The process works just like a regular credit card purchase in most instances.  Do not give out you PIN number to a person for any reason.  Also be sure to save the receipt as it will be your record of fuel and fuel related purchases that were made.
  2. You can dial the telephone number on the back of your card and request a Comcheck.  This requires that you have blank Comcheck in your possession.  This is an automated system and you will be communicating with a Computer.  All responses are entered on the telephone keypad. This is what a Comcheck looks Like
  3. You will be required to enter your Card Number and your PIN.  You will also be asked for the amount of the Comcheck.  Remember, Dollar entries are made without a decimal point,  $100 would be entered as 10000 #. The Amount you request will be immediately deducted from your Comdata Account.  If you ask for more than is is your account the transaction will not be completed. Finally you will be asked to enter the Check number which is in the upper right hand corner. After a short wait the computer will respond , "your transaction is complete". Your Comcheck is now valid for the amount requested and can be used just like a regular check.

     4.  Your Card can also be used at the CIRRUS ATM Machines that  are Nationwide. Place your card in the slot and enter your PIN when requested.  Please be aware of two issues when using the CIRRUS Network, there will be an additional charge by the bank that placed the ATM and possibly by a Clearing Bank in addition to any Comdata Charges involved.  Also, unauthorized use of your card will not be refunded. 




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