Dispatch 3B

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Advances fall into two categories (a) Strategic Fuel advances and  (b) Load Advances.

Strategic Fuel Advances go  to Strategic Drivers.  The advance is placed on a Comdata Account that can be accessed by an individual Driver with his special account code.  The Advance is good only for fuel and fuel related items, and cannot be used for anything else. You must have a load number to request a Fuel Advance.

Strategic Fuel advances should be requested as early in the day as possible since many other responsibilities at the end of the day may delay placing the money in your account and cause you to wait at a truckstop for the funds to be transferred.


Load Advances are given out to Drivers on a per load basis by way of a Comcheck or by being loaded to a card..  Up to 35% of the load gross can be gotten on a load advance.  The Driver must have a load number and be assigned to that load for an advance to be given.  Load advances are deducted from the load settlement. 

Comcheck advances carry a $3.25 per $1000  fee that will be deducted from the gross amount of the Comcheck. Funds loaded to a card carry a $3.00 per $1000 fee.

Proper planning should be exercised to limit after hours  advances and week-end  advances to emergency situations only.  



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